Coastal Prairie Outdoors, LLC

Coastal Prairie Outdoors prides itself on its world class guides and goose hunting. We hunt only the best properties available and our guides are hand chosen to be the best in the business. We scout all our locations daily to ensure the most productive hunt possible. Our hunts start around an hour and a half before sunrise. A Coastal Prairie Outdoors representative will pick you up at the lodge, motel or a covenant location the morning of your hunt and then escort you to the field for the mornings hunt. We hunt over large spreads of decoys consisting of rags, windsocks, sillosock, shells, or full bodied decoys.  It is also not uncommon to harvest sand hill cranes or ducks while goose hunting.

Coastal Prairie Outdoors goose hunts are primarily structured to hunt snow geese (as well as our competition) but we do have a lot of opportunity to do dark goose hunts.  With the limit of 3 Canadian geese and 2 white fronts a five bird per man limit is possible.  These hunts will take place over large spreads of sillosock or full bodied decoys, and lay out blind

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